Sunday, December 16, 2007 and our continued waterless state!

A friend informed me of this article in Coastweek which he read in the UK! Please, follow the link and you will see what I mean.

To repair this pipe is the work of our very redundant and questionable Coast Water (dis)Services Board. They love to talk big, but, hardly ever walk their talk. This has been made manifest umpteen numbers of times since it's inception, but, the Ministry seems hell bent on retaining them. If they need the proof of their incompetence, the write up in Coastweek with the accompanying photographs tell their own story.

This particular stretch of pipe is notorious for bursting on a very consistent basis, it seems. I have also seen this leaking when travelling to Mombasa by train and have also informed these water officials immediately, but, it seems they do nothing......, or is there some more sinister reason? That of somebody getting a payoff from those water vendors collecting water down below? So, it suits these people to ignore the leak!

And just the other day the Water Consortium members met up with all of these people and the questionable water board only sent one smooth talker to it who is not even an engineer.


Anonymous said...

Please dont use Ahmadiyya to claim you are representing Islam. I for one am a muslim and Ahmadiyya has never represented islamic belief and never will, according to my belief. You must stay neutral if you want to use the word islam. I or nobody for that matter will object to your course if you stay neutral

Raziya Mohamedali said...

The place where you left your bigoted comment on Ahmadiyyat gives a clue as to the kind of mind you have!

The topic you chose is about water and has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam or religion, at all.

Also, the fact that you chose to stay anonymous is very interesting which gives further clues to the kind of person you are - afraid of what?!

And before you jump to strange conclusions, as a Muslim this is not allowed, have you read any Ahmadi literature and applied your reason, too, while doing so? I suggest that you follow that alislam link on my blog to discover some very interesting Truths!