Thursday, December 13, 2007

Emailing: Huge speakers attached to the top of the Nissan and playing loud music!, In the night, too, there's no peace!

Huge speakers attached to the top of the Nissan and playing loud music!
Is this called campaigning for a parliamentary seat? What is he 'selling'? In fact, this Mr. Joho is telling us, his prospective constituents that he will give us no peace, should we make the blunder of electing him! He and his 'followers' have little respect for the rule of law or the residents of the estate where he resides. This Nissan continued playing loud music even as I took this picture. Calling our police, no less than the OCS, just brought a guffaw and I was jokingly reminded that it was expected as it's campaign time. Does this mean that we have to put up with such disturbances 24 hours a day till such time that he looses the elections? Because, God help us, should he win. We will know no peace from that day forth and the cops will simply ignore our pleas for some peace and quiet. Doesn't matter that there's a hospital also in the neighbourhood.

In the night, too, there's no peace!
Even as I write this, I can hear them in the distance, playing the same song over and over again with little thought that it's nearly 10.00 pm and people need to sleep in peace. Does this parliamentary hopeful, think that he is endearing himself to his constituents and others? Definitely not! It will be such a relief when the elections are over and he loses (I'm praying that he does). Of course, then, he will contest and claim like before that it was rigged. I wonder why he doesn't spend his money for the good of the community. Do something and be seen to be doing something for the constituents that he insists that he'll serve if voted for. Why not show everybody the kind of service he can give? Instead of breaking the law by treating the whole town like a giant discotheque at all hours of the day and night.

Is there no end to this kind of foul behaviour? And are officialdom's hands so tied that they cannot even raise a finger to bring some law and order to this kind of insanity?

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sal said...

Iko matata mengi! After reading this blog, all I can say is that the world has its humanity missing!

I remember a verse from Ghalib, a great Persian and Urdu poet, saying that:

It is difficult for all things to be easy, EVEN Humanity is out of reach of HUMANKIND!

After reading all the posts, I can only pray to the Allmighty, that may all men trully be HUMAN BEINGS AGAIN!