Friday, December 28, 2007

Emailing: Another screaming and shouting carload arrived as I was praying, Matatus parked everywhere, The van load of Muslim women disgorged from it a

Another screaming and shouting carload arrived as I was praying
Do these people claim to be Muslims....?

Matatus parked everywhere
These arrive with a lot of fanfare and screaming and shouting from the occupants

The van load of Muslim women disgorged from it and started making a racket
Do these women have nothing better to do than to be transported here and there and making noise and disturbing others?

Yet, another car arrives...
They keep arriving in the noisiest manner possible with not just the shouting but hooting, too. As I write this, I can hear the sound of another rowdy lot about to arrive....

There is some kind of meeting going on on the left of the parked car in Joho's compound
While this meeting is going on the whole kid population of Joho's house and the Councilor's with other like minded neighbours are banging on plastic cans and shouting at the incitement of some of the adults.

With such characters, what kind of leaders are we electing to public office? Those who have no interest to serve, but, to be intimidating and nasty. In fact, while I was taking the latest photographs from my balcony, these kids on the encouragement of some of the adults (all done within my sight and hearing), were insolently telling the kids to start shouting and making noise while he deliberately hit my car and set off the alarm over and over again. The kids, of course, obliged him.

Isn't this electoral hooliganism and intimidation of the highest order? And does Mr. Odinga really know what kind of people he is associating with? And how safe are people who oppose them? Or take objection to their persistent misbehaviour? If I was to go out, would they do me harm, also, like they are trying to do to my car?

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