Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The 146th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED - Re: HEALTH HAZARD

A week has gone by without water, of course, and the many promises and 'big talk' that the Council's environment and health department representatives. This was at the follow-up meeting the Water & Sanitation Consortium had last week with these officialdom, including a team from the Water & Sewerage Co. and a lone one from the Coast Water Board! It seems that they consistently send this Mr. Kai, alone everytime, to answer the various questions that arise. He, it seems, can never give a straight and concise answer and usually leads us on a merry go round and never really getting to the point and answering what's put to him. He also loves passing the buck to others!

That meeting, was a very interesting one, where our Council's sanitation people, quite admirably tried answering the many cases of overflowing garbage cans all over town. They didn't say much that was new and despite being told of the various strange things happening everywhere (some of these are reflected in the pictures below with the accompanying email). They (the Council), rightly claimed that they even collected garbage at nights to keep up with the demand, but, were still overwhelmed!

In fact, the writer of the email, attached below, got married yesterday and a reception was held in the balcony at the top of the house where I was one of the invitees. We were persistently treated to whiffs of the overflowing and rotting garbage from below. This, unfortunately, is right outside their gate and despite the Council having been requested by them and other residents affected by this, around it, to move that bin to another more suitable place, NOTHING has changed! We kept getting the feeling that we were around the Kibarani dumping site, rather than in the middle of a Ganjoni residential neighbourhood and right across from the below mentioned hospital.

It's such an irony that the wedding guests were treated to this disgusting and offensive smell while having our meal.

So, coupled with half collected garbage and no water, the scene is all set for the residents of Mombasa to break out in some kind of awful disease/s! Watch out, everybody!


Sameena g1g wrote on 28-Nov-07 6:34 PM:
Dear Sirs / Madams
I enclose herewith some pictures of the compound just outside my house in Ganjoni before the junction of Society Building and opposite the SEA SIDE HOSPITAL. This dumping site has been there for some months now. We are all so fed up of the trash and the odour that we have to bear with for 24 hours a day and for as long as I can remember. As can be seen from the pictures, we have to face this filthy sight and foul smell every single day even if we wish to open our window for some fresh air!!!
Furthermore, because of this growing dump site, the crows are increasing in number and are only helping in making the surroundings more filthier as they pick the rubbish, take it around or near the house, feed on it and later drop it anywhere. Not only does this affect our health but also attracts rodents, flies and mosquitoes.
We have reported this matter to the Municipal Council of Mombasa several times but in vain.
I shall be most grateful if you will intervene in the matter and get the relevant authorities to clean up our area, which is also a health hazard to all our children in the neighbourhood.
Your favourable consideration and intervention in the matter will be greatly appreciated.
Sameena Jeevanjee

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