Thursday, December 27, 2007

Emailing: Campaign noise makers!, Choke-a-block with PSVs, Even a bus is being used to transport voters!, A brand new van being used for the purpose,

Campaign noise makers!
Every single day, the neighbourhood is 'treated' to this awful and ear-splitting racket...., over and over again!

Choke-a-block with PSVs
Early this morning (election day), after fajr prayers and even before, these cars started arriving.

Even a bus is being used to transport voters!
These two wannabe politicos love doing things in a BIG way! They have even got a bus to transport voters.

A brand new van being used for the purpose, too.
Even brand new cars without number plates are being used.

The crowds have started arriving...
Of course, it must have been previously arranged that the voters should get to their houses to be transported to the various polling stations. This is supposed to be the Kisauni constituency doesn't matter that we're in Kizingo. Over a decade ago, it was politically 'convenient' to have this particular area of Kizingo under the Kisauni constituency which is in the opposite direction and on the North Coast mainland and nobody since then has rectified this anomaly. Strange.

More PSVs arriving...
All those previously pictured cars are not enough, so, others keep arriving. In fact, since the beginning of the week some of these crowds are literally camping at these two politicians place being fed and watered there everyday. The same thing transpired during Ramadhan and the two Eids. These people being Muslims, it was so very convenient to give hand-outs to one and all under the guise of 'charity'!

Another matatu just arrived and the crowd waiting in the background
Despite the numbers of matatus and bus, they are not enough to transport all these people and as I type this, no more matatus are available and there's another crowd waiting, already.....

A multiple choice of vehicles for the people arriving and the bus about to leave...
This is so interesting as last night on Al Jazeera's Inside Story, the opposition (these two wannabe politicians are ODM candidates), has been alleging that it suspects the government side of rigging. The pictures though, tell, a different story, don't they? It's a case of the pot calling the kettle black!

While the huge picture of Joho has been removed from the perimeter wall of one of the polling stations (Star of the Sea School), there are many (without number), stuck along all the walls, tree trunks, garbage cans, cars, etc., all within a few meters of the many polling stations. Aren't they supposed to have removed these, too?

They even held loud prayers at about 2.00 am at the neighbourhood contentious mosque. As far as I know and I am a Muslim, too, Tahajjud prayers are not supposed to be held this way. It's all between you and your Maker and one doesn't have to advertise to everybody what one is doing at that time by holding such loud prayers disturbing others.

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