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REF: Hon Raila's statement on Muslim MoU s

Below, is more evidence of Hon. Raila's inconsistencies..... Should anybody have misgivings, please, refer to his record while in 'office', both in the KANU era and the present government...., the first 3 years.


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Subject: REF: Hon Raila's statement on Muslim MoU s
Date: Wed, 28 Nov :26:
From: Muneer Khandwalla

REF: Hon Raila's statement on Muslim MoU
Hello, there All!! And Sallaams!!
Once again we visit the Topic Of Raila - the person who is forever defending something!! Now this time it is the other of the contentious MOUs!! The one he signed with the Muslims -- on which he has made several different statements, once also going as far as to deny having ever done the MOU with Muslims!! Now almost Three months after the actual MOU, it is released to the public. Why now? Although, Muslims supposedly are to gain to gain from this MOU, I have some Questions:
First: Who are the Numlef? And who appointed them to talk on the Muslims' behalf? Even the SUPKEM have disowned them, so what is their clout?
Second: When these issues were being carried out on the Ground (the Renditions and all), why did Balala and Co. never raised the issues in Parliament?
Third: What is Railas record of ever helping the Muslims? He is the MP of Kibera -- the home of the Great Kibera Slum, which happens to be populated by Nubis -- the Majority if whom are Muslims? What has He done for them. They live in a land which was given to them many years back, but they never got Titles on it. Therefore they can never legally claim it and slowly, it is being portioned off, making room for housing estates, in which the very few Nubis are occupants. They live in Kenya all their lives and yet many of them can never claim Kenyan citizenship. When they want to raise rents on the house they own, their MP tells his tribesmen NOT to pay rent. So this leads to Skirmishes and bloodshed. For more then two terms, Raila HAS Done little for his Neighbours -- almost nothing, what can we expect for him to do for us?
Someone mentioned it was Raila's Statesmanship which gave Muslims this MOU, I say it is only POLITICAL GAMES-MANSHIP.
Sallams and Goodluck to all
From Raila:
The lies that tried to divide Christians and Muslims
On 29 August this year, I signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Muslim community, after approval from the ODM leadership. In that memorandum, I reaffirmed my commitment to protecting the rights of Muslims, as enshrined in our Constitution.
This memorandum was necessitated by gross violations of the fundamental human rights of Muslims by the Kibaki administration. This included the deportation of Kenya citizens to other countries where they would be subjected to torture and even death.
Two days later, on September 1, I announced in my acceptance speech as the ODM presidential nominee at Kasarani that I had signed this memorandum. I subsequently mentioned this memorandum at other public events as well, since I have every intention of honouring what I have formally committed myself to. Not all leaders are so opportunistic as to disown solemn memorandums in the interest of political expediency, as the Hon Mwai Kabaki so brazenly did after becoming president.
The August 29 agreement with the Muslims was not the first such memorandum to be signed. Just before the 2002 election, at the Nyali Beach Hotel, the Hon Mwai Kibaki, along with the late Kijana Wamalwa, Kalonzo Musyoka, Charity Ngilu, Najib Balala, Karisa Maitha and myself, signed a similar one with the Muslims.
That memorandum was needed because all these leaders recognized that Muslims historically have been a marginalized, and sometimes victimized, national minority who have been discriminated against. This discrimination reached new heights under this government.
I would like to condemn in the strongest terms all those who have churned out a stream of lies, disinformation and propaganda by deliberately misrepresenting its contents and distributing a fake MoU. This group has included PNU leaders and religious figures who sought to portray themselves as defending Christian rights. But their simple aim was to create vicious animosity between Muslims and Christians, in a bid to promote the re-election of the President. He should have asked them to desist.
In 2002, President Kibaki as a Christian did not feel the need on to sign a memorandum with the Christians. Nor did I. Like him, I am a Christian, baptized as an Anglican.
I believe in loving my neighbours. But I would like to remind my opponents about two other very important Commandments: Though shalt not lie.

Tel On 19/11/2007, Raziya wrote: The following is a must and excellent read. Something else that Kenyans should take note of is how, did Raila know of the two Albanians on our soil who were out to do us harm? Did anybody ask him for his source of information? None of the media, made mention of this stark fact. The cops, too, didn't (or did they?), ask him for proof. While he was right, how did he know?! Very, very strange, don't you think?

I totally agree with the description given of him, below. I suspected him to be so, and now, I have it straight from somebody who know him better. He sounds and behaves as a truly vengeful person and his aim is to get the presidency by hook or by crook, this time.

Also, the kinds of people he's keeping company with, is also highly suspect.

So, everybody and fellow voters - BEWARE!!!!


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