Monday, November 12, 2007

Re: Campaign noise!

How are you? I've just sent you another email with pictures of these rowdy politicians and what they do in their respective neighbourhoods. They are among the most SELFISH creeps imaginable as they care little for anybody other than getting votes by fair means or foul. In this case, it's mostly FOUL!

Then, they call themselves MUSLIMS????! Their behavious belies what they supposedly profess. They are an INSULT to every human being, especially their professed faith! Their behaviour is of the hooligan and gangster type, also.

Therefore, they MUST NOT WIN a single seat in the next parliament. We will have ourselves to blame, if they do.

I'm posting these emails to my blog too, for everybody to read.


elijah.agevi wrote on 11-Nov-07 11:36 AM:
Thanks Raziya for the very scurry updates on presidential candidate. What we seriously need is one country that is well governed where resources are equitably shared throughout the nation. Majimbo will not put food on the table!It will not by itself create jobs and wealth........ Anyway mambo ni mengi....  Things are moving on well here in Hargesia but the knowledge and capacity gaps are simply great. We in Kenya take too many things for granted.  As for our beloved country, we can only wish that the Almighty God/Allah will guide all of us during the forthcoming election so that we don't suicidal mistakes. We need divine intervention.  Have a truly blessed sunday. Here it is a normal working day!  Warm regards,  Elijah

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