Thursday, November 22, 2007

Emailing: The revving, noise and smoke have started..., Trying to make it's way out, Out, at last and adding negatively to the surrounding scenery!, W

The revving, noise and smoke have started...
I had two guests visiting me for various reasons from KPLC and the Coast Development Lobby Group, when the racket from the truck park started and it was so disturbing that we couldn't hear ourselves talk let alone hear a phone ring, etc. Add to all that racket, the emissions from the exhaust. It can be seen in the pictures.

Trying to make it's way out
While it made it's way out of that gate which took quite a bit of maneuvering, the rest of the neighbourhood could do very little to protect themselves from the noise and the exhaust fumes.

Out, at last and adding negatively to the surrounding scenery!
When it eventually got out, they found they couldn't go further...One of my visitors had parked his car below. And it was not getting in anybody's way, except this tractor. These people are of the mind that nothing within the estate should bar their way, but, we were not about to convenience them by going down, and moving the car and then coming back up, thereby inconveniencing ourselves for their benefit. Therefore, I told my guest to ignore them and continue with what we were discussing. After all they are persistently inconveniencing us by being noisy and smoky pests! Also, they have no business existing in a middle of a residential area.

Was held up earlier, from venturing further due to a car barring it's way, but after 20 mins or so, it left and the tractor could continue on it's way.
Therefore, after a lapse of about 20-25 minutes, when we finished our discussion, one of my guest (the owner of the car), left, to their relief! For the rest, let the picture speak for itself. Also, note the two shacks, there. One where one of my neighbour's cooks (where's the Municipal Health Dept.?), for selling food to school children and others and the infamous charcoal seller. He too, continues his environment unfriendly business right under the Council employees noses. I have, over the months reported the matter many times to the various 'officialdom' concerned, about this activity, but business continues as usual. Typical of this country!

In the process, making a mess of our estate access roads
These monstrosities have, over the years, made deep gullies and broken up our tarmacked access roads within the estate. The rains too, add to the deterioration of the them.

Going, going....
Mercifully leaving and I hope and pray that it never comes back!

While it went and was trying to come out of the gate, I rang up our Provincial Works Engineer, Eng. Omondi on his mobile to inform him that a huge tractor was just leaving and was about to make nonsense of their newly re-made Nyerere Ave. And his response was that he would mobilize his people to take action as he was at the time in Nairobi. Whether he did so or not, is anybody's guess. I hope he did.

The same can be said of the road junction near Nakumatt Likoni. The one just before the big round about, itself. There, huge trucks and trailers pass on their way from the little theatre road and to the new building site on the left on Nyerere Ave, opposite the access filter road to Nakumatt. There are 12 tall (11 storeys high), apartment blocks being put up which have no official board anywhere to say, who the builder, engineer, architect, etc., are. But, this construction requires huge quantities of building materials which arrive there in big lorries and trailers and use the route mentioned. In the process, that bit of road and especially around the island/junction, the awful pot-holes have reappeared.

It seems that there's nobody to monitor the traffic and even if there are, they can't be bothered. I've informed Eng. Omondi about this since last week, so, I hope that he will be doing the needful. We do not want to drive on horrible roads, again, which do damage to our persons and vehicles...., even if it's a pedestrian or a motorist.

We want accountable people doing their work zealously.


I thought there was a restriction on the number of storeys that can be allowed to be built on the Island of Mombasa and these blocks are exceeding the number by quite a few. Who passed tho-se plans? Our very unprofessional Council? Do they still have a working Town Planning department, there?

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