Saturday, November 10, 2007

Re: Campaign noise!

Good to hear from you, again, getting the latest from your end. In a way, it must be better to start from scratch on all those building codes and standards as compared to this place where, though we have or are supposed to have these, nobody applies them.

In your case, those guys just have to make sure that all those things are adhered to. Not undo a whole behaviour pattern....

About the noise and ODM. Fr. Quinn of 'ukweli', last night, sent me some very interesting and disturbing fwds with attachments of actual signed documents that Raila Odinga has signed as MOUs with the Muslims of this country and a write up about him going to South Africa to 'consult' a very expensive witch doctor. A South African paper has done a very revealing story on his misadventures, there! I wish I'd kept the copies that were fwded to me. Then, I'd have been able to share the info with you. But, maybe, somebody else might have sent the same to you, too?

These noisy neighbourhood creeps seem to be spreading their noise pollution all over town and have little regard for other people's sensibilities. Whether we like it or not, we are being forced to listen to the garbage that they spew out. And they call themselves, Muslims? As far as I'm concerned they are an insult to their faith or what they claim to be following. And because, I object by calling the police, they get others to set off my car alarm till now they have spoiled it and it keeps playing for about 5 minutes and eventually the battery will die! Then, I'll have a hard time trying to start the car, when I next go out. The cops, too, are not too helpful as according to them, it's daytime and one can make as much noise as one likes. It's only at nights that it matters but, again, they are very unavailable, then.

About the MOU with the Muslims, I really dread these guys becoming the next government, because, they're planning on Taliban like laws for the Majimbo in the Coast Province as well as North Eastern. Despite being a Muslim myself, I cannot support them, in their quest. They are planning on being extremely intolerant and therefore anarchy will reign supreme.

Isn't our presidential hopeful, Raila Odinga, thinking about the chaos he's going to unleash on both Muslims and non-Muslims, alike with that contentious MOU of his? We will never know PEACE! We have enough examples of such one track minded thinking, among the Muslims, all over the world, I think, to help everybody make an informed choice.

While Islam preaches and professes complete freedom of religion and practice of tolerance, the MOU sounds just the opposite, unfortunately. Hence, I dread ODM winning these coming elections.

I really can't stand the semi-literates in my neighbourhood who are standing for office. They are pests of the worse kind.


elijah.agevi wrote:
Thanks Raziya. I am briefly in Hargesia, Somaliland trying to follow -up on the earlier work I had done on building codes and standards here. As you may be aware there are no guidelines, codes,norms and standards in the whole of Somalilland. Nothing. Everything went with war! War is bad. Very bad and as a country and people of Kenya, we must guard and be opposed to anything that can drive us in that direction.  In Somaliland there are no institutions and qualified people to undertake even very basic issues such as supervision of building sites. There are no clear cut procedures for even accessing and getting a building permit.In short there are significant challenges in Somaliland. The place particularly Hargesia is very peaceful.  I am therefore trying to assess what needs to be done in order to introduce codes,standards and procedures in the country under all these trying circumstances.  Once again keep up with the struggle. You have many admirers for what you are doing with such a passion.  Have a great afternoon and weekend.  Elijah.

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