Monday, November 12, 2007

Emailing: Have just arrived with those huge speakers..., Our quiet shattered!, They mercifully left, Again Shattering noise of drumming started, When

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Have just arrived with those huge speakers...
We have some of the most lawless and questionable characters in our neighbourhood who are vying for political seats. As previously written but not captured on camera (but now, have), of their insolence. They insist on playing loud music interspersed with equally loud announcements, which very few can hear or are interested in hearing, all over this estate and further afield. By doing this, they are showing how shallow they are in their quest. Their one agenda is to acquire a civic seat, by hook or by crook and if they are NOW, behaving in this manner, I dread to think, what will be our lot, should they win! God help us!!!

Our quiet shattered!
Not only do they disturb our peace in the daytime, where, when one calls the police to restore it, they in turn are very averse to do anything about it, but, hordes of people arrive on the scene even by bus, to add to the din...

They mercifully left
This time, I was ready for them with my camera and when they saw the flash going, they quickly and mercifully departed.

Again Shattering noise of drumming started
Sunday morning brought some drummers on the scene who started the same old ear shattering racket...

When they saw me taking photos, they are being told to leave!
Again, when they saw me taking pictures of them, they were being told by some people at the gate to leave.

As I write this, a whole lot of cars arrived on the scene and one of the 4-WDs, has been fitted with huge speakers and a generator which are in combination continuously setting off my car alarm due to the vibration. And the next time I want to go out, the battery will have died and will have to jump start it.

This persistent noise, has also spoiled my alarm system and despite having got it fixed early last week, it's back to square one! I have also tried calling the cops, and while they promised to send somebody here to restore order, it's anybody's guess, when that will be done!

Don't we have some kind of law in this country about disturbing the peace? The irony is that, there's also a hospital within a stone's throw of this place. Add to this the children who are studying at home for exams and the others who are doing them in their respective schools in the neighbourhood, too.

Do these people have any sense? Or as mentioned above, they HAVE to get into parliament by whatever means to further hurt the Wananchi by doing next to nothing for the next 5 years, yet, getting the highest pay and perks anywhere in the land! WE DO NOT NEED SUCH PARASITES, do we?!

Kenyans BEWARE of such empty headed tactics to get your precious votes. We will all regret our folly for the next 5 years or more...

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