Friday, November 9, 2007

Re: Campaign noise!

Thank you once again for your compliment and feedback, which I really appreciate.

You're in Somaliland? Whatever are you doing there? I hope the 'environment' is better than the one we have here, at present, though. Total insanity reigns here, unfortunately!

Re my noisy political neighbours and all the other re-cycled ones like them out there..... These people seem to be living in a massive time warp where they still think and behave like they did and have been doing the last couple of decades and also before that. They are under the impression that the electorate can be manipulated by their loud music and dancing making them think that they are attending a huge party. In the process, the impression they create among the outsiders is one of a typical 'banana republic' going to vote!

That it's a free for all and what can one expect from Africa, after all. What they should, in fact be doing instead, is giving and exchanging ideas (even with the opposition), about how they intend to improve the lot of the much maligned electorate. Answer and discuss the many serious issues confronting them and allowing the public and the press to question their policies...... in public! Show some 'civilized' behaviour, in fact. They would also be setting a good example to their electorate.

This way, they will also, let the people know how professional, ethical, accountable they really are, instead of this present empty headed and slanderous behaviour they expose with regard to their campaigning. For the present, the way they're behaving, one wonders what kind of people are going to be populating the August house comes next year. Most of the males among our politicians also, have little regard or respect for the women folk or their female counterparts and/or opposition. What a horrible and nasty example they set!

And as an aside - that charcoal issue still hasn't been solved and the guy is doing a booming business. I tried ringing that Forest officer in Malindi's number, but, nobody is answering!!! Now, you see what kind of people are out there supposedly 'protecting' our forests!!! They are a thoroughly, unethical and unaccountable lot.

Have a safe trip,

elijah.agevi wrote:
Good afternoon and greetings from Hargesia Somaliland madam Raziya. Well put and I couldn't agree more with your accurate analysis! I am indeed happy that for the next one week will be away from this kind of madness. What however surprises me is that as a people we allow ourselves to be carried away with such gimmicks that are leading us nowhere. When shall we ever learn and be wiser!  Have a peaceful and informed afternoon.  Elijah

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