Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The 142nd reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

It is now nearly 6 months since the launch of the Citizen's Report Cards for water and sanitation both in Mombasa and Nairobi. At the launch, all these 'service' providers talked in the most positive manner about improving their services in the above mentioned fields and our Mayor, Mr. Mwidani even gave his mobile number to the people attending in a moment of extreme enthusiasm. This, he seems to have regretted within a few hours of giving it out because subsequently, people who tried calling it, couldn't get through. He and the others from the Municipal Council of Mombasa in the public health and environment offices had promised us that they would always be available for any feedback or complaints.

This, I found out to my detriment, is completely untrue. I have personally tried seeing the environment people, but, they are hardly ever there and even when one finds them around they are perpetually rushing off to meetings and have no time for you!

While reading these reminders of mine, one must be feeling a sense of utter despair, but, I think, we have a faint light of hope on the horizon where the new Managing Director of the Water Company, Mr Chitavi, is concerned. He impresses me as a very organized and straight person as well as properly qualified and sincerely wants to solve the waterless problem of Mombasa. He also is very enthusiastic about the whole issue of my suggestion regarding desalination. He has borrowed two of the latest magazines on the subject of affordable desalination, filtration and waste water management from me and I believe is going through them.

I hope and pray that his work ethic will infiltrate through the rest of the many bodies that are set up for the provision of water, sanitation and solid waste management, Insha'Allah.

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