Thursday, November 8, 2007

Campaign noise!

Since, the campaigning has started, my two neighbours have been behaving in the most obnoxious manner. One of them is Mr. Joho, who is standing for the Kisauni seat and the other, Mr. Adan Kushe who is vying to continue being the area's Councillor, both under the ODM ticket.

Now, these two people think nothing of behaving in the most insolent manner, therefore, I wonder (if just trying to attract voters, they are behaving this way), what would we have to put up with should the Wananchi vote for them. I fear that their insolence would know, no bounds!

Every single day and night, there are people gathered outside Mr. Joho's residence's gate. What they want there, is anybody's guess and he was using the whole month of Ramadhan under the guise of giving charity (which we, Muslims, are supposed to do during this Holy Month), handouts to crowds of people.

And his neighbour and friend, Mr. Kushe, also has crowds of people who look, to all intents and purposes, layabouts, who hang around the above mentioned 'hopefuls' houses.

They also have a pick-up which is fitted with two huge speakers, which they use to go all over including this estate (I have the misfortune of being their neighbour), playing loud music and 'announcing' things at ear splitting levels. They think nothing of disturbing the whole estate with this noise pollution every single day and night at anytime.

The volume is so high that the proverbial statement of, 'one not being able to hear ourselves think', could be very well applied in this case. The vibrations from these speakers also set off my car's alarm further disturbing everybody. All this bothers them the least! It seems that they are trying to 'attract' our semi- and illiterate masses for votes using this means. The same psychology that noisy matatus apply to attract passengers.

I wish, our candidates would use more intellectual means for attracting voters, because, when you come right down to it, what kind of people will we be electing? Those, who have very little 'upstairs', and nothing much besides and ones who can dance (our many challenges away?), with loud music?

If we vote for such people, we will NEVER improve our lot! Doesn't the public find the huge posters with their photographs, erected all over the place, demagogic? Remember that all dictators, past and present, anywhere in the world have this habit of erecting huge statues of themselves as well as putting up their pictures, everywhere else? This is akin to imposing themselves on the people and forcing them to 'hero' worship them! For what purpose?

So, people, please use your heads when going to cast your votes.

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