Monday, April 8, 2013

When it rains......

Attached are the latest photos of the entrance to Umoja Estate when it rains.

While the rains are a blessing and we await them to cool things off as well as grow our food, etc., for the residents of this estate they have become a curse.

First, the half murram, half tarmac road leading to it is used by the heaviest of traffic at all hours and the most interesting thing about it is that it does not have a name!

It does not deter any kind of traffic despite it being very narrow, full of pot-holes, etc.

As the pictures show, when it rains there is no proper drainage and therefore the whole area gets flooded. Those of us who walk and/or have to access our vehicles further away, find it highly dangerous to do so. Many times residents have slipped or tripped and fallen into the muck and hurt themselves.

The combination of our Urban Roads Authority and the landlords of the estate are least bothered about the danger and inconveniences this causes to everybody.

In fact, engineers from KuRA have many times visited this spot and experienced and seen first hand the mess the place becomes during the rains, but, nothing is being done. Why? Is that one of the reasons nobody is naming this road giving the false impression that it is a non-entity? I can vouch for it to be akin to a major highway!

We also get lots of mosquitoes breeding in our seasonal 'lake' Umoja! The public health people no longer do any spraying to deal with Malaria, either.

Now that I have some more photos, will our new county government do their latest job, please?

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