Monday, April 15, 2013

.....a follow up from the last one

Soon after I'd sent my last email regarding the fluctuations/outages since Saturday night, and as predicted there, we spent the whole of last night with a low voltage (sollatek devices were on RED!), which generally means that everything was OFF!!!!

Then, at around 6.45 am, that red light went off, too, and we were without power. This lasted for about 45 minutes when mercifully, 'normalcy' was resumed....., or so we thought.

Around 9.30 am, it went off again, and it has just returned a few minutes ago.

Residents here are completely in the dark (both physical and otherwise), as to WHY all this is happening on a persistent basis.

Due to the nearly 24 hours of no 'service' or a questionable one, our electrical appliances are packing up on us. Not to mention that because of the extreme heat, the food in the freezer is also defrosting. 

So, is KPLC going to compensate us for all the damage their 3rd class 'service' does to our equipment and lives? They had better start thinking and preparing for this as we are ALL reaching saturation point with them.

It seems that even their so-called engineers are not loyal to them, because, yesterday when my repeated calls were finally answered by one of their senior engineers, I got the following answer...

I: How many more times are we going to have fluctuations/outages?

KPLC (I do not differentiate between the company and it's employees): There is a transformer at Kipevu which is down and I don't know when it(the power), will be back. And if you want to know more ring them (KPLC), up yourself!

At this, I told him that like him, his employer also does not answer phones!

So, I have reached an unpleasant conclusion - Kenya Power has aggrieved employees and they do not seem to be giving their whole heart and soul for their work.

Since they charge everybody a HUGE bill which comes to nearly double of what we actually consume by adding all kinds of extraneous charges, why are their employees' behaviour such. One would expect that they are paid well considering the above.

They also seem to have dishonesty as part of their policy as they hardly EVER tell the truth about the cause of an outage. In other words the company is anything but transparent.

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