Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hongera, to both KPLC and Mr. Hussein! I am very glad that Mr. Simiyu and co. have so efficiently and effectively and......quickly, solved your transformer problem, Alhamdulillah.

I and the rest of Nyali residents would be equally grateful IF our persistent outage (we had 3 this morning and into early afternoon), problem as effectively and quickly and..... permanently. We really WISH!!!!!

We are ALL quite worried about what will happen when it really starts raining, i.e. our season of long rains is just round the corner. 

Since even the few thunderstorms we've had in the past few weeks and even a heavy shower, results in power outage/s without number, one wonders what will happen then.... 

One wonders what would happen to us collectively if instead of rain we were to have ice and snow. I think we would ALL freeze to death knowing how our power company works and the excuses it comes up with during the wet season.

Btw, the other day, when I asked one of these employees the reason for that particular outage I was given the same old 'tired' reply of a broken wire at the substation this time. Which leads me to the next observation - what kind of quality of wires do these people really use? Are they cutting costs somewhere while charging the consumers an arm and a leg?

I'm still waiting out here for a reliable and uninterrupted power supply....

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 10:27 PM, Hussein A Abbas Al Hussein <> wrote:
Dear Philip Mwaita ,

Its the time to sleep now but could not sleep was just thinking how
hard working person you are with your staff's for the last 2 days
we have been checking how you are working with your staff's under
you and we residence and Communities really appreciate your work
so speed that we believe we will soon have a peace of find in Old Town
by the Grace of Almighty Inshallah .

Thanking you on behalf of all residence and communities of Old Town .

May GOD Bless you all .

Best Rgds

Hussein A Abbas
Old Town Development Community Services (Govt. Reg.)
Mobile : 0720612905/0735036612
Mombasa , Kenya

Subject: Re: NEW TRANSFORMER G49178 -11-630-04-10 LYING IDLE FOR OVER A YEAR
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 19:44:59 +0000

Simiyu, Siyamo, two weeks from now takes us to 3rd April 2013. That becomes our promise to those customers. A promise delivered earlier demonstrates our commitment to the customer's.
Please deliver before the date agreed.


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On Mar 20, 2013, at 7:06 PM, "Hussein A Abbas Al Hussein" <> wrote:

Dear All ,

This is to confirm that , Ms Anne Siyamo and C Simiyu came to the
site where the Transformer is located at Old Town , Ndia Kuu Road .
We really appreciate to see them and quick action they have taken
which we should not forget Ben Chumo who gave the instruction to
Ms. Anne Siyamo to see why the Transformer is Lying Idle for over 2 years .

As per the information C. Simiyu , he said within 2 weeks they hope
to fix the Transformer accordingly as their is some work to be done and
the problem was the wire was not sufficient and no spare for the same
wire . Now they will arrange to bring another one . So we are expecting
after 2 weeks all will be okay . 

So we hope all the best and these problems of Power On/Off will disappear.

On behalf of Old Town Residence/Communities we once again thanks
Ben Chumo , Anne Siyamo and C. Simiyu for taking such quick action .

Best Regards

Hussein A. Abbas
Secretary Old Town development Community Services
Mobile : 0720612905/0735036612
Mombasa , Kenya   

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