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[Mombasa Traffic Expose] Armed Robbery Survival and Prevention

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Armed Robbery Survival and Prevention An armed...
Reishi Arun Parikh 11:40am Apr 27
Armed Robbery Survival and Prevention

An armed hold-up is a terrifying experience for victims. It is an extremely volatile situation that can potentially have a tragic ending. Whether it's a street hold-up, a home robbery or a business robbery, knowing a few key rules for dealing with armed robbers can go a long way to helping you survive or prevent these incidents. In this article, i will look at five of the most important tips for armed robbery prevention and survival, from understanding the objectives of armed robbers to installing CCTV and alarm systems for added security.

1. Understand the objectives

In any armed robbery, there are two objectives at play — the objectives of the offender and the objectives of the victim. The objectives of the victim are simple: to survive the situation and, if possible, to remain physically unharmed. For the robber, the objectives are different. They generally only want to obtain their target, whether it be money or other valuables, and to ensure the situation is 100 per cent in their control at all times. The moment the offenders feel like the situation is out of their control, things can turn dangerous.

2. Be compliant

As I have already mentioned, armed robbers want to feel in control of the situation at all times. This means you must do everything they say. If you panic or try to be a "hero", this can quickly end in tragedy for either you or those around you. While victims experience a great deal of stress in armed hold-up situations, it's important to remember that robbers will probably feel high levels of stress as well. This could cause them to act irrationally if they feel like the situation is getting out of their control; they may become violent and choose to use their weapons.

3. Learn to observe

Often, paying attention to the people around you on a daily basis can arm you with the recognition skills you need to prevent an armed robbery from occurring in the first place. Learn to recognise the warning sings; does the person in your vicinity seem agitated? Are they sweating or looking around themselves often? If you're in a public place, do they react nervously when security guards or police pass by? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, or if your suspicions are aroused in any other manner, you should notify your supervisor, a guard or the police as soon as possible.

4. Remain calm and in control

The fear, anger and shock you feel as a victim of an armed robbery will trigger the "fight or flight" response, which can cause your body to react in unexpected ways. The adrenaline hormone will be released into your body and you may feel the need to either flee or take the offender on. Take a deep breath; this can help to keep you calm and in control of the situation.

5. Install security technology

When it comes to your place of residence, home security systems such as alarm systems and CCTV monitoring can go a long way to preventing armed robberies from occurring in the first place. These technologies are even more common in a business setting. With such technologies brought into play, offenders are less likely to attempt an armed holdup because they will feel there is too much danger of them being caught.
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