Monday, February 4, 2008

The 151st reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED - stealing water

This 'reminder' is late by a few days due to various reasons, but, to date we still haven't got any water. I don't know what the Water company 'officials' are doing about the water stealing issue which was raised, with photographs in the last 'reminder', either.

There is one thing that is very unacceptable to us, the consumers and tax payers. That these so-called service providers don't work in a transparent manner. While we give them information about various suspect behaviour around us, they don't deem it to be their responsibility to let us know what they have done to address a complaint for example, like the one I made in the last email.

This, according to me, means that they don't want us to know how or what they are doing about it. Why? It is very suspicious behaviour. For the various water officials' information, the only time that we saw water coming (from afar), was when the hose pipe was again inserted into our neighbourhood politician's (MP), huge underground tank on Monday (last), morning. Since then, there's been nothing!!! Of course, this didn't mean that it was getting into our tank, either.

I still have to buy this commodity while paying phantom water bills, too.

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