Monday, February 18, 2008

Emailing: Check the guys on the earth-mover behind the white truck, They have just started the racket - note the time in the picture, The noise and th

Check the guys on the earth-mover behind the white truck

The noise carries on with no sign of officialdom, least of all our local authorities whose by-laws this truck park is breaking. I wonder if the Ministry of Local Govt., is even in working order, yet?!

They have just started the racket - note the time in the picture
If you check the time the picture was taken, which was soon after the noise started, and if you see the last picture of this particular date, you'll see for how long we had to endure this offensive smell and racket.

The noise and the fumes carry on and on and on.... ad infinitum!
I thought that NEMA has passed a law regarding this kind of pollution, since nearly a year. What are they doing about this considering they are one of the recipients of this email with photographic evidence?

Till our houses and our lungs and ears are saturated with their obnoxious fumes and noise!
This horrible piece of land that has been 'allocated very questionably' to Nisha Printers since the mid 1990's, is the cause of many of our health and social problems. Do something about these law breakers, immediately, or the public officials charged with this duty are just there as ornaments. Are they?! They are definitely NOT earning their KEEP!!!

A couple of the guys who cause the pollution
The scooter they are using was equally noisy and they had to rev even that before they got going.

Check the time when this racket and the fumes started
This morning this racket started again. We cannot even have a decent conversation with anybody...,even on the phone. This started at around 10.30 am and as I write this it's still going on and on with no end in sight.

A better view of the obnoxious neighbourhood truck park and the noise and fumes are still going on...
Trying to get them to stop, just resulted in them making more noise. They are some of the most offensive and thug like people around.

Our newly washed clothes hanging on the line make nonsense of any cleaning. Despite the fact that all the windows and doors are shut, the fumes and the noise still enter our houses and lungs. Do any laws exist any more in this lawless country of ours?

Calling the police, and this is also a traffic offense, has resulted in absolutely no action being taken. It seems that the owner of this truck park has such inroads among our useless politicians and others so-called civil 'servants', that he might as well be the supreme 'head' of this corrupt land! Everybody in authority seems to be in his bottomless, capacious and corrupt pockets!

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