Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The 155th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

Business continues as usual regarding water delivery. My persistent question to our water sector including the Ministry is and will continue to be, why don't we get water? And why is the situation instead of improving, getting worse, every week, month, year?! What exactly is being done or not done (more likely the 2nd!), to 'improve' our lot? How is the money that is collected from residents who pay phantom water bills, being used to improve the situation? And how and why is it possible for these 'water officials' to be so prompt in sending us bills but, not the water?

I have found of late that these numerous water officials and bodies, are continuously having an unbelievable number of meetings. What are these meetings for? And do the attendees demand 'sitting' allowances? This last would give an inkling as to WHY, these meetings would be so popular.

Our service providers have an unlimited craving for money, like our useless and warmongering politicians, who like to do the least amount of work and demand fat salaries and perks!

There should really be some kind of mechanism to discourage this kind of attitude. For example, no 'sitting' allowances should be paid for these countless meetings that these people attend, would be a good start, I think. Another would be that, no performance, no pay....

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