Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The 154th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED and my meter saga....

While we don't get water and haven't done so for over a YEAR, our Water Company employees (2 of them), came by yesterday and disconnected my meter for reasons best known to themselves. Of course, as mentioned countless times in these reminders, I pay for the phantom water plus the garbage collection, only, and not the sewerage charges, so, on what grounds did these questionable couple come here to remove my meter?

Ironically while this was going on, the water vendor was filling my downstairs water tank! My maid who was also there, noticed this person doing something at the man-hole cover and went nearer to observe and saw him removing the meter. She came up and told me about it, so, I sent her back down to ask who they were and why they were removing my meter. But, when she went back, the two had disappeared. She quickly came back up and we both rushed to the front balcony to try and call them back to question them which is when we noticed them about to leave Mr. Joho's compound.

Now, if you refer to these reminders of a few weeks back, you'll read and see the pictures of people in this family who have been 'stealing' water. And this MP is supposed to be a public servant and his work is to benefit the constituency that he purports to represent. Is he there to benefit his pockets or his constituency?

Then, considering he has no meter (these two were nowhere near where this stand pipe is and where one would expect a water meter to be), what were they doing in his compound? Because, they definitely had not gone there to disconnect him!!!!

And WHY was my meter disconnected? And on whose say so? Because, immediately that I found out about this, I rang up the Water Company and was told that my meter was NOT supposed to be disconnected! This adds to the mystery....

Of course, a meter was reconnected sometime in the afternoon, but, is it the same meter that was removed? I tried getting my maid to write the meter number down this morning, but, she couldn't find it (the number).

One gets very suspicious with such happenings. In the same manner why are we not getting water since over a YEAR, now. Not even a drop! And there's no sign of things improving in the near future. So, do we carry on paying phantom water bills, ad infinitum?!

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