Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The 153rd reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED

What an irony that this shameless sector provides no service...., even that of sewage/garbage collection, yet sends us these phantom bills - every month without fail!

Garbage collection is erratic in the extreme where some places like the one in Ganjoni that I've written about and sent pictures of, are beginning to look and smell like another 'Kibarani'! Not, what a residential area should look and smell like, at all!!! Another irony being that all this is right outside a hospital, too. I pity the patients.

Many written and verbal requests by the residents of this and other places, to the Council and the Water and Sewerage Co., seem to have fallen on deaf and uncaring ears.

In fact, when, some of the Ganjoni residents decided to take the matter into their own hands and tried to move this offensive and overflowing bin elsewhere, they promptly got a warning from the Council to leave it to them, as it was their JOB!!!

How strange that they moved with such speed to stop the residents from doing a JOB that they are SUPPOSED to do and are not. One wishes that they would apply this same speed and promptness in performing their other duties and services for which they are paid....

As regards the delivery of consistent water - business continues as usual and we are still waterless without being given an explanation as to WHY this is so. Here too, one wishes that they would forget about sending us phantom bills, also.

In fact, I got a suggestion from one of my many recipients that we should all collectively send a bill to the Water & Sewerage Company, for non-delivery of water, as we have to buy this commodity from water vendors who in turn fill up at the various water kiosks...... if, we want the 'fresh' variety.

I've asked my regular provider to give me receipts for what I pay him over and above paying these phantom bills. He is trying to get all of his colleagues to do this. When they agree to do this, we are going to send the MOWASCO, our own bills in return for what they send us...., soon, Insha'Allah. Also included in this will be any doctor's bills that are incurred for any disease that we suffer from being forced to use questionable water due to their negligence.

In other countries with more accountable service providers, that's what the citizens do when they don't get what they are paying for. What these people do with all the money they collect for services NOT RENDERED, is anybody's guess. Probably goes into paying their useless 'sitting' allowances, I suppose....

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