Monday, February 11, 2008

Re: Noisy events...

Hi, Phyllis!

Thank you very much for this further enlightenment, below. I really appreciate it.

Now, as regards our local authorities, i.e. Council...., the less said the better. They are all hot air (talk), and very little besides as you must have noticed. Therefore, taking this up with them is an exercise in futility. I've tried this, believe me.

And about NEMA - as you must have read that little 'quote' from KARA in the email, the noise pollution act or law, is applied very selectively. If you'll have noticed that while noise is something that most Kenyans have to put up with all around them, ONLY Karen's problems were dealt with. Doesn't that strike you as odd?

Yes, you bet. That only in this country are people's rights thrown to the four winds and these so-called public service officials are more there for servicing their capacious pockets than the public!

And just as an aside which will give you an idea about how sensitive our cops are to the plight of the disabled. Just a little while ago, I went around to hand deliver those copies of printed out emails and when I got to Central Police to hand it to the OCS, he/she was or wasn't in his/her office, which, I never found out. Because, this office is up a very handicapped unfriendly flight of steep stairs (there are no grab bars, even), and therefore I requested one of the cops at the enquiry counter to please, pass it on. In reply he tells me that the office is upstairs and made no move to take the email from me. When I brought to his attention that it would be difficult for me to climb those stairs, the reply he gave me was that I was no different from the many other disabled whom he has sent up. The end of the matter was that I just turned away from him, handed it over to another cop manning a desk at the entrance and left!

There's no end to these people's insolence.


Phyllis Muema wrote:

Raziya, I have read your email and wish to advise as follows:-

1. That the public health act provides the noise levels that can be allowed in certain areas which is enforced by the council and the public health officers. Calling the cops might help but noise pollution is dealt with by the act please access it as it provides a recourse for that.

2. NEMA too has a provision for noise pollution which the district and provincial officials based in Mombasa can clarify and we hold them to account if no action is taken.

It is only in this country where law and order is abused and public officials take matters as light as the way the cop answered (enjoying for a day)? It is only in this country where peoples' rights are violated while others do not take responsibility for their actions and 'walk freely making irresponsible comments that touch on peoples' privacy.

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