Friday, January 25, 2008

The 150th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED - stealing water... Emailing: Filling a mkokoteni... how strange!, Where is this water coming f

It's is so disgusting to know that while the neighbourhood is getting not a drop of water (the ones who have still retained their meter, like me), we have our new MP, Joho, whose house is pictured in the attached photographs, making sure that whatever little that we do get first fills up their underground tank!

Are these politicians out to do a public service or are they in office to line their own pockets and by extension for selfish ends?

Last week both politicians, again on a Wednesday when the water showed up, it was the Councillor's family member who was stealing water from the pipe leading to the meters and the same applied to Mr. Joho, too. Only this time I have photographic evidence....., I hope.

While we pay phantom water bills every month, I wonder if these people even have meters and get and pay their bills. And if they have these meters why is all this done in such a clandestine manner? For last week, despite this Councillor having a meter, they were stealing water from the pipe leading to them! Why? Is there no end to their insolence?

And our various water bodies, despite having been informed about these questionable practices do scant little to improve their services. Probably because, being a politician in this country is akin to being untouchable.

Of course, last week some 'officials' from the water company showed up and repaired that pipe, but, have they done anything else to investigate why we, with the meters, are not getting water? It's now over a YEAR since we saw anything coming through the pipes and entering our storage tanks.

Please, see below my comments on the pictures.

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Filling a mkokoteni... how strange!
Why is this hand-cart filling up from this pipe? For whose benefit? Or are these people making a fast buck at the expense of the various water bodies?

Where is this water coming from
This rubber hose is very strangely fitted to a tap in that dark corner of the parking area (where you can see puddles of water). Do these people possess a meter? Or have they got themselves connected illegally to the main pipe somewhere?

Will the authorities concerned please, investigate this matter?

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