Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The 149th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED - stealing water

As I write this latest reminder, one of the family member's of Councillor Kushe, is busy stealing water from the main water pipe, downstairs. This is the big pipe leading to the meters. There's either a leak there at the joint or it has been deliberately tampered with for specifically this purpose.

And this man is supposed to be the Councillor?! What kind of crooked person is he? Are these the kinds of people that were elected to public office? And for the information of my various recipients, him and Joho were both 'elected' under the ODM ticket. Then, they have the temerity of pointing fingers at others (just like them), who have got into public office using equally underhand means.

Anyway, to get back to the main issue of water. Despite, other places getting water it is small wonder that we still don't. Thanks to lawless neighbours and slow acting water officials, business carries on as usual.

In fact, I rang the Water Co. manager, immediately that I found out about what was going on, on his cell phone, but, nothing has been done about it, yet. So, I tried ringing his secretary and she's promised me that she'll get back to me in about 10 minutes after conferring with the guy in charge of such things. But, at last observation, the offending woman who is the Councillor's relative, has quit filling and there's a black rubber tied at the place where the water was coming, from.

Is there no end to the crookedness of these people?

I've just noticed some people who look like they are from the water company who have arrived in a pick-up. I hope that they will solve this recurring problem once and for all, Insha'Allah.

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