Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Re: Emailing: Check the time the racket started..., The person supervising this standing in the shade with his arms folded, On and on and on. Goind ba

Thanks, Muneer, for your moral support. I keep these lawless things 'alive' by continuing to write about them. First, it gives everybody an idea of how prompt 'officialdom' is in applying the law and second, when I'm forced to inhale those awful fumes and at the same time listen to the racket going on for HOURS, it helps to give vent to my frustrations in a more 'civilized' manner.

As we've recently seen, some others would have taken the law into their own hands and tried to solve the matter that way. Unfortunately, for us, officialdom does not care about 'civilized' ways of addressing injustices and lawlessness in this country. It's only when things come to a head, that they are forced into applying the law....., for their own selfish ends, of course!

And business continues as usual....


Muneer Khandwalla wrote:

For all these years, no-one, NO-ONE seems to be able to do anything about this?
Or is that NO-BODY cares?

On 08/01/2008, Raziya wrote:

Check the time the racket started...
Yesterday, during the lunch hour, the tractor, again started it's revving noise, but, this time it was preparing to leave. If you check the timing on the various pictures, you'll notice how long the neighbourhood had to endure the awful noise and the equally foul smelling exhaust fumes not to mention dirtying our newly washed clothing hanging out on the clotheslines.

The person supervising this is standing in the shade with his arms folded
This person saw me taking the photos, but, it deterred him not the least. In fact, after about half and hour, he departed in a white pick-up. He left the rest still trying to solve the difficult and squashy job of exiting the truck park with the tractor (?)

On and on and on. Going back and forth trying to get out
Again, check the time it took them to continue with this backward and forward movement trying to get out.

Out, at long last!
They got out, but, still did not leave immediately.

Spewing black smoke into the washing on the line and leaving. Also, check the charcoal shack in the background with little black bags all set out to be sold.
These people should not be existing within a residential area. They are really dirtying the place and making a mess of our excess road/lanes. Also, that previously written about, charcoal seller's shack can be seen in the picture who continues to sell and continuous to get his supplies, too, despite all the 'officialdom' who have come to see him about the issue. As far as I know, the guys (neither the supplier nor the seller), have no permit and I thought there was a law passed by NEMA, no less, last year in February to the effect that a permit was required to sell any forest product. It seems that we truly live in a very lawless country where people only apply the law to suit themselves.

Preparing to leave...
Back to that tractor and what it's up to. It reversed all that way out of the truck park and then started out of the estate in forward motion.

Going, going, gone.... but for how long...
While the truck (see my email of yesterday), came back in the late afternoon, yesterday, this other monster is still out somewhere. We dread it's return....

Again, check the timing on the pictures. We had to endure the racket and the foul exhaust smell for nearly an HOUR!!!


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