Saturday, June 29, 2013

Infuriating use of answering machines by Kenya Power

Of course, it HAD to happen. I mean after nearly a week of hardly any power misbehaviour, this week it's been a continuous on/off, business as usual, one. 

In fact, where Nyali is concerned Kenya Power could very well be a candidate for being the world record holder for being the MOST inefficient, unethical, irresponsible company ever!!! This is the award that everybody in Nyali and probably elsewhere would gladly give them without a second thought.

Starting from Wednesday, their outages have been really unbearable to date. 

Then, to add to our frustrations, their so-called 'contact centre' no longer resides in Mombasa. You now find that all the various emergency numbers all lead to Nairobi! And this is what you will hear....

'Welcome to Kenya power contact centre. Your call is important to us. Kindly wait to speak to one of our agents'(all this is said with low background music).

The above is repeated twice and then there is a pause in the music and you get the impression that a human (agent), has at long last come on the line...

'Are you still there....?'

This last is spoken and asked in such a manner that you will feel like giving 'it' a very colourful answer, but then you'd be talking to 'nothing'!!!

Of course, the whole will be repeated and then it will either be answered by a human who will, like the taped message, give you his/her name very fast and then you can give it your details, etc. 

If this does not happen then, the voice will tell you that ALL their agents are busy, etc.

Considering that we're holding while all this interesting use of technology is taking place over the ether, you'll be fuming for various obvious reasons - your limited credit on the phone is going, the phone battery is probably also dying and of course the fact that you've been catapulted to a time before mankind had discovered electricity by our idiotic monopolistic power company. 

Considering they cannot work efficiently enough for us to have a consistent power supply for which they charge an arm and a leg, they owe it to the much maligned public to have toll-free emergency numbers. 

So, Kenya Power (you're anything but...), can you please, at least get some toll-free numbers for us to call when you do not and cannot work reliably?

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