Saturday, June 1, 2013

Outage on Madaraka Day...?!


On the dot of 12.15 pm, those of us who reside in this outage ridden area of Mombasa (Nyali & North Coast), were treated to another one. 

Is it possible that we are 'celebrating' 50 YEARS (half a century!), of so-called Independence? I don't think that this has penetrated the collective brains of Kenya Power (KPLC). They are impervious to anything.

Calling the various engineers' numbers proved an exercise in futility as usual - maybe they don't answer due to being ashamed of themselves.... and have no reply.

The emergency number not only is NOT toll-free but, it keeps you hanging on while one of their 'agents' becomes free. So, this is  like adding salt to our festering wounds. First, they switch off power, then they make us hold on where our precious phone credit gets eaten up! Then, their answering minions sound like recorded messages (unfeeling). Oh, btw, this number is in Nairobi.

So, the person there will then contact somebody (hopefully, one who believes in being quick), all the way in Mombasa or wherever the complaint is coming from and activate the slumbering emergency team here.

If this disgusting and inefficient, unaccountable and unethical company is going to continue with their supposed work of supplying us with power, they could at least be 'kind' enough to supply the public with a toll-free emergency number so that when we are told to hold on by their recording, we will not mind so much.

And we got our power back after half an hour. Why it had and continues to misbehave, we still do not know. It is really a mystery which is playing havoc with our electrical equipment!

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