Sunday, June 2, 2013

Constant fluctuations & outages


For some reason best known to KPLC, we had 2 fluctuations and an outage again, today.

Reason given by one employee of Kenya Power for them was they were cutting trees!

This town urgently needs trees and the welcome shade they give among many other advantages of having greenery around us. 

One of the excuses that this environmental unfriendly power company has for chopping off trees is that they get in the way of power lines. One thing they should urgently do is NOT have power lines hanging down and have them high up, enough to be out of the trees' way. 

It is disgusting to chop off trees in the name of supplying power.

In fact, these low hanging power lines are in some places so low that they are a danger to the public. There are countless such examples all over the country not just this town.

Why does Kenya Power do such a shoddy job of securing power lines?

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