Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Does Kenya Power have any sense?!

While most of last week we did not have as many power outages as the week before, we did have them at the most inopportune times! In fact, there is no opportune time when they can take off power since we live in the 21st Century and most of our lives depend on a constant and reliable supply of electricity, unfortunately.

Therefore, when power goes off and we try to call the power company to inform them of this (remember my previous emails when one of their
engineers has always been telling me that he's not aware?!!!!), they usually do not answer. And when and IF they do, as expected they don't
have the foggiest idea about it.

So, you give them time to figure out the reason for the outage or the fluctuations and then call them again to find out how long you'll be without power so that you can organize your life according to their whimsical power supply.

Well, I did that this morning when the power went off at 8.30 am and was told that they were going to immediately look into it and the phone was cut off before I could ask when approximately it would be back.

I had a lot of work to do which involved power as well as outside errands to run, so I tried ringing the man again to find out how long it would take to restore supply. Unfortunately, none of these people were answering their phones, except Mr. Mkomba.

He promised (he never keeps his word), that he would come back to me in a few minutes when I tried explaining to him that if the power was
going to take a while in coming back, I wouldn't waste my time waiting for it and finish my outside errands in the meantime. He assured me that he would get back to me in a few minutes.

After giving him about 5 minutes I called him again since he, expectedly, had not. He again told me to give him some more few minutes and went off.... This time I decided that it was already half
an hour since the power had gone off and left to finish my errands.

He never called me again till around 10.00 am (while I was writing this the power went off again at 5.50 pm and didn't come back for nearly half an hour with no explanation, as usual), which is when the power came back, anyway. So, what was the reason for his call? I thought I'd got it through to him that he was to let me know about the duration of the outage so that I could decide what to do in that time. In fact, I could not even hear what he was saying as it was very noisy
where I was as well as there was a network problem...., I think.

Which brings me to the subject header of this email. Does KPLC have any sense? That they are wasting Kenyans valuable time with their shoddy 'services'.

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