Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kenya Power & Lighting - false accounting and wrong billing due to inefficiency and negligence on the part of their Meter Readers.

I am beginning to think that KPLC is competing with the Water Company (MOWASCO), in estimating bills every month and then, suddenly one fine day they get their act together and bombard the consumer/s with an exorbitant bill!

Or are they doing this on purpose to intimidate people to accept their equally inept and unjust prepaid system?

In the case below, how do they expect the consumer to foot this HUGE amount?

Do we, the consumers, really have any rights with regards to being treated in this shoddy manner?

After all, due to their constant fluctuations and outages there have been many cases of people's
fridges, televisions, lights and other electrical equipment blowing up on them. I believe that this company is truly becoming irresponsible and insolent in the extreme. 

No matter what one says or writes about them, we never get an explanation, response or an apology from them. They are also not bothering to find an affordable, alternative and renewable power source. They seem to be like the mafia - only interested in collecting money to pay to their share-holders and make a profit at the expense of blood and sweat of millions of consumers. 

They make me thoroughly SICK!!!!


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Dear Sir,

Kenya Power & Lighting - false accounting and wrong billing due to inefficiency and negligence on the part of their Meter Readers.

I have recently been hit by the KP&L with a large Electricity Bill of over KSh. 45,000/- for a small household, with minimum electrical appliances in use.  The basic cause of this false accounting and wrong billing is the lack of Meter Readings taken by the KP&L staff.  The Bill of KSh. 45,597/31 was dated 31/5/2013 with a provisio that it must be paid by 7/6/2013, but I received it on 15/6/2013, bearing in mind that KP&L will disconnect the power supply on 21/6/2013.  To cover their mistakes of the last 12 months in which the Meter Readers have never called at my house to obtain the correct readings, the monthly bills were falsified.  I am appalled by this sort of shoddiness in the services we pay the KP&L to perform.

The cashiers at the KP&L have been kind enough to print for me a complete record covering a period of 12 months in which the meter was never read, and the bills sent every month reflected the Estimated (E) Consumed Amount of electricity which KP&L merely speculated as having been consumed, and the correct amount charged was completely nonsensical, ranging between KSh. 542/50 and KSh. 22,767/83 and finally KSh. 45,597/31, per month.  This is totally irresponsible and I resent the way the KP&L organisation operates, with impunity!!!

Why on earth are Kenyans being treated with absolute contempt, and total lack of consideration.  Previous complaints by various consumers of KP&L services have been ignored and I do not feel that KP&L will ever respond to this letter, considering how arrogant and contemptuous they have always been.  There have been cases where consumers have be hit by bills as high as KSh. 1.80million in one month where their average consumption was of the order of KSh.70,000/- per month, with nothing outstanding, during the days when meters were properly read.
It is uplifting to see that the Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday 9/5/2013 told Kenya Power to sort out its inefficiency and look for other means to shore up revenue. He noted that  an increase in power prices would be an impossible burden for Kenyans already grappling with a high cost of living.
Is anybody at the KP&L listening to consumers' complaints or are they simply arrogant and bloody minded?

Best regards.
Musa Ittiso

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