Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sleepless night in the name of merry making...

As I write this, we are inundated with unbelievable noise and this started soon after sunset and it is now past 3.00 am!!!

This is a residential area, yet, the people responsible for this noise put up a marquee outside our estate boundary day before yesterday, i.e. Thursday and that night we were disturbed till around midnight, but since last night the merry making is still going on with complete insolence. 

The place is so small, yet, one wonders why they have to use huge speakers and a PA system to 'celebrate'. Calling our local Nyali OCS has proved totally ineffective. It seems he and his men in blue are helpless and one wonders why.....?

And who is the thoughtless person who gives 'permits' for such insane and disturbing merry making to be held in the open in the middle of a residential area? Does the person have any sense?

So, now we are being tortured by a small party out there for the whole night, so that they can 'enjoy' themselves. 

Are there no rules and regulations regarding such noise making? If there are, who, how and when will they be enforced?

I hope order and justice will soon prevail. But, I don't think it will be in my lifetime, unfortunately. I tweeted to the Kenya police a while ago, but, there too, there's been no response.

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