Friday, May 10, 2013

This one is ahead of tamarind. Looks shody!


We had another hours long outage last night. The reason given this time was a very 'tired and overused', broken wire.

If you look at the picture attached with this email, is it any wonder? That trucks hit poles, signboards that are being put up short-circuit wires and where a whole neighbourhoods will be cut off from civilization as we know it for hours and sometimes for days on end?

With Town planners who are not really working and very few buildings which are built 'legally', our power company should apply it's common sense and refuse to connect questionable buildings, which are built too close to others, are on road reserves, etc. When they do on the say so of our Council (that's the defence they have for connecting), they should then not complain and moan and groan when they have a disaster on their hands like burning transformers, etc. They are the ones who allow such things to happen by giving power to such buildings in the first place.

So, KPLC - get your act together and provide us with a consistent and efficient supply.


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From: Hussein A Abbas Al Hussein
Date: Thu, May 9, 2013 at 11:02 PM
Subject: This one is ahead of tamarind. Looks shody!

Dear All ,

Can any one help us as to avoid , GOD
Disaster .

Thanks and Rgds

Hussein Abbas
Mombasa County
Resident .

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