Monday, May 6, 2013

Questionable 'power' supply

Have Kenyans noticed that for various ridiculous reasons which are only 'logical' in a 'banana' republic like ours, ALL service providers use the rains and various other insane reasons for not providing a competent and efficient service? On top of this, except for water, they ALL insist on being paid in advance for these 3rd class services and they call it 'pre-paid'. The ONLY people who win in this kind of set up are themselves and NOT the consumers. Meaning they get their money regardless of whether we get a reliable service or not! And also have to foot the cost of damage to our electrical equipment.

Just because, I have not been writing about our incessant outages of late, does not mean that we are no longer suffering them. We are!

It is also very strange that KPLC's 'service' usually goes on the blink over weekends and at nights of late than during the daytime. I wonder why? Have they 'trained' their questionable power supply to misbehave over weekends?

And in keeping with this trend, we had numerous unexplained outages including very early this morning. All of them took over an hour to deal with, too.

When asked of an engineer this morning the cause of the latest one, he, of course, blamed the weather. 

Now, I have said this before and will say it, again, and will continue to do so - IF, it was snowing out here, wouldn't we ALL collectively freeze? While quite a few would die of this as a result! So, how do more developed countries where it snows and quite heavily, too, manage to keep their power supplies going. Only on rare occasions do they have outages, but, then the general public understands the reasons since it's not an everyday issue.

When, if EVER, is our power supply going to be consistent and constant? Kenya Power, do you have the answer?

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