Thursday, May 30, 2013

Burning garbage!

There is an empty plot next to our Umoja Estate where a tropical jungle is growing. This plot belongs to a lawyer who uses it as a dumping ground for garbage and all the dumped vegetation on her plot. 

The irony is that this so-called lawyer seems to be unaware of the law of the environment. That of burning garbage which is against the law. One wonders what kind of lawyer this is.

Then, she has no sense of neighbourliness where one does not inconvenience and be a nuisance to one's neighbour/s. She, unfortunately is all of this to our detriment.

She's also an amorphous being whom you cannot ever see or meet...., just hear about her and what she does. I have also been told by various people who work around here that she lives in Rainbow Estate, but nobody knows the house. This estate has its entrance right across from this misused plot.

Unfortunately and highly convenient for her is the fact that she does not have to suffer the consequences of her actions.

The clouds of smoke that emanate from this burning envelope our whole block of flats and enter our houses and into the very fibre of our being making everything stink and a layer of black soot covers everything. It is terrible. 

Trying to get the message through to her is an exercise in utter futility.

Over the years, I have tried getting NEMA, our questionable evironment body to take action to no avail. Oh, they have visited the place a number of times and talked to the people who border this plot and run kiosks, but, she (the lawyer), seems to be having all the right connections because, she's insolently carrying on with her obnoxious activities undeterred.

I wonder where else is one to turn to get justice?

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