Thursday, May 30, 2013

Country-wide outages, local outages and area outages, etc.!

This country of ours is planning on  a vision 2030?!

Don't believe ANY of that crap! This is NOT possible with a 3rd class power company running the show.

Imagine, when due to a technical hitch (what kind of people does this company employ?), the WHOLE COUNTRY was taken back to the 'dark' ages for most of the day on Tuesday, 28th May 2013. And power did not return (at least in our area of Mombasa), till after sunset!

But, then I started our latest predicament with this useless power company in the middle, i.e. serious outages started on Monday (the day before the country-wide one). Most of Monday we could not do anything to do with with power - which is nearly everything! Then, came Black Tuesday and after this there was yesterday when this nasty company had the temerity to, again, switch us off, and when I called Eng. Musau, his response was, 'oh, I'm not aware..'! 

Of late, this is his answer. It would seem that these people live in never, never land and don't have the foggiest idea of what they make their consumers go through and worse, don't care, either. After all they are trying to get everybody to become pre-paid. Then, they will be even more so. 

Btw, please refuse to get into this pit by accepting to become pre-paid. People who have, have found that they are now paying more per month and with the added hassles of pre-paid cards sometimes not available in the denominations that are required. Also, the headache of getting them. 

Imagine, if you become pre-paid YOU will suffer all this and still NOT have consistent power available.

Btw, I also tried, at one point to call 'emergency' and the response I got from this person (after holding on for umpteen precious minutes as all their agents [FBI?], were busy), was - there is a fault on your line and they are working on it! Seems like this is a standard reply because, she could not give me any other details other than power would return before midnight.

How many more years are we going to suffer at the hands of this awful and unaccountable power company? We are 50 years old as a country and what do we have to show for it? Not much which is thanks to our useless power company. They do great damage to all our electrical appliances, etc. Will they pay for the damage?

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