Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kenya Power - why the mirth?

Only yesterday we had a day without an outage or fluctuation.

Since early this morning, we have been having low voltage countless numbers due to which many of our electrical appliances which are on sollatek devices were switched off! The result being similar to having no power.

When I called engineer Musau regarding this, the person who answered his phone found this state of affairs highly funny and I could hear a whole lot of others (he must have activated the speaker where others in the room [KPLC employees?], could hear me), laughing with him!

It would seem that my last email regarding Kenya Power and their useless 'service', etc., had scant effect on these creatures.

It just goes to show the kind of people Kenya Power employs.

Therefore, this is even more reason for them to stand aside and give the responsibility of powering the country to others unlike them.

KPLC seems to be under the impression that they hold a monopoly of supplying power and hence this kind of behaviour. It's high time they had competition.

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