Monday, May 13, 2013

Close shop, KENYA POWER (KPLC)!

Kenyans have, I think, reached saturation point with the so-called 'services' of the above power company and we have a suggestion for them - quit your supposed 'service' of providing power to the country and let another more competent, transparent, professional and accountable company take your place. We no longer find you competent, transparent, professional and accountable. You've become a thuggish company out to squeeze the last drop of blood from your 'consumers' any which way you can.

Of late, you have decided to simplify YOUR life by imposing the prepaid system into every home. Why?

We don't want this and some of us have found that in the process we have ended up paying more for your questionable power supply than when it was post-paid. Why?

From the consumer's point of view this is very inconvenient. Also, everytime we lose power, your defense will be - top up your credit! That is IF your 3rd class answering 'service' will even answer. If our various electrical equipment goes on the blink, your defense will be for us to prove that KPLC is the one who is really to blame and NOT our lack of topping up our meters. I can think of countless reasons that your pre-paid system is going to cause for us. 

The reason, I'm accusing you of and asking you to leave provision of power to other more competent people is because, you do not seem to have the foggiest idea about the damage, chaos and inconveniences that your frequent, unexplained and without remorse your present 'services', are.

We have examples galore regarding your 3rd class 'service'. Take for example the case of yesterday (Sunday), evening at around 5.15 pm. Many of us were at home watching t.v., but for the ones living in Nyali, suddenly found the lights dimming and all electrical appliances which were connected to power via sollatek devices, were switched off because of the fluctuation and low voltage. Then we found that over the HOURS and up till this morning, it kept coming on and off every few minutes. Trying to get through to KPLC after the initial alert was an exercise in futility. When I finally got through to their senior engineer this morning at 7.05 am, he had the temerity to accuse me of not letting him know earlier about the over 14 hours of on/off low voltage! Fortunately, after about half an hour it finally became normal. 

Of course, this did not last for long as at 9.15 am, we were plunged into the 'dark ages' once again. I called the same engineer who mercifully answered and he told me to give them 10 minutes and it would be restored. No explanation, of course. Well, they are liars among other things because power was not restored till just before 1.00 pm.

Will we as a country ever progress with such a power company in charge of supplying it? I do not think so. In fact, we will be and are regressing instead of progressing.

So, Kenya Power give the job of powering this country to another more competent and accountable company and LEAVE!!!! Don't even bother to rename yourselves like you did the last time, because while the name might be different the people populating the company are the same. Therefore, NO CHANGE!!!!

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