Tuesday, July 13, 2010

.....Ad infinitum.... and counting outages - resumed counting ....21st, 22nd 23rd....

It was highly ironic that when I got home from a meeting of the North Coast Ratepayers & Residents Association, last night where one of our biggest grouch and frustration were the frequent and irritating not to mention highly expensive outages in this area - I returned to a very dark neighbourhood! I found out from our watchmen that darkness had descended in the neighbourhood at around 9.00 pm. Earlier in the afternoon there had been an outage, too, with no explanation, of course.

Then, twice in the course of the night and early this morning there were fluctuations. At about 2.10 pm this afternoon, the good Mr. Musau from KPLC, called me (very considerate of him), to inform me that they were going to switch the power off around my area for about an hour. Like
everytime, I tried finding out what it was all about and his only response was that they were fixing something and needed to switch off for about an hour.

While all this is very nice of KPLC to inform me that they were taking off the power, what of all the other residents in this area? I'm sure, they would be in the middle of some work and these frequent outages are highly inconvenient. What is the cause of all these outages, anyway? And
why doesn't KPLC tell us the reason? They behave very suspiciously when they don't give us any specific explanation for these outages. It has reached a point where hardly a day goes by without fluctuations and/or outages.

From now onwards I will be writing these emails and also on other issues on behalf of the North Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association (NCRRA), of which I an now a member plus it's writing spokesperson.

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