Monday, July 26, 2010

30th, 31st, 32nd & 34th outages and fluctuations...

KPLC is really 'earning' its new name that I have given them - Kenya

Weakness & Darkness! Especially, from early this morning regarding which
I have already written earlier.

This afternoon, we had one outage which lasted a couple of minutes which
despite being just a few, can do untold damage. And just now, which has
prompted the present email - we have been having fluctuations and if one
is using Sollatek devices, these switch off any equipment hooked up to
them. This is highly irritating and one wonders which is worse, having
our equipment switched off umpteen times in a day or having them pack up
on you. Both are!

Is it at all possible for KPLC to give a smooth and uneventful power
supply which they are supposed to do? And will they pay damages for
their incompetence? In more accountable countries, that is what would
happen and that is one reason that it is very rare to have fluctuations
and outages even during extreme weather conditions. And should it go
off, it's restored promptly and predictably unlike this banana republic
that we live in where not even KPLC knows what is exactly wrong and how
long it will take.


PS - It has just gone off, yet again, and while I was talking to Mr.
Musau, again, on the phone, come on and went off again all within
minutes and seconds!

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