Saturday, July 17, 2010

.....25th outage for 'maintenance'.....

Yesterday morning, the power went off for a supposed maintenance at about 9.15 am and while it was advertised that it would be back by 5.00 pm, it was not restored till more than 2 hours later at around 7.10 pm!

The reason I was given for this late restoration was that they had been doing a 'big' job! Whatever that meant!!! This will also not mean that we will not get outages of the unplanned variety, of course.

Because, just a few hours later, early this morning, there were fluctuations and trying to call the emergency numbers was futile. Nobody answers this supposed 24 hour 'service' at KPLC. If they do, by some miracle, one encounters a very sleepy voice which has to orient itself to it's 'job'.

This is not the first time that KPLC has been 'maintaining' its work and not keeping time restoring power later in the day. That advert that they put is just window dressing. KPLC is no longer the prompt and efficient service provider of yester years when they were the most reliable ones around and accountable. Alas, no longer are they that way.

They are going the same way as most of our other 'service' providers, unfortunately.

This maintenance outage will not mean that we will have an uninterrupted power supply till their next maintenance, either. So, look out, everybody!

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