Friday, July 30, 2010

35th outage....

Yesterday, we had a day long power outage despite the day before having been highly frustrating with frequent outages (see my 2 emails of the day before on my blog), and fluctuations.

How can anybody do anything worthwhile with such an unaccountable service provider? Will we ever progress or even earn our daily bread predictably?

Considering we pay an arm and a leg for this so-called service, it is an insult to consumers when we get ridiculous answers to our various questions and a horrible service to match!

I was told that it was a planned outage and that service would be resumed at 5.00 pm. The reason this time was that KPLC was connecting power to the Show Grounds. Do they do this every year at around this time? If so, why not have a permanent supply there, so that they don't inconvenience and disrupt all the residences and businesses around there? We truly live in a banana republic!

And of course, the power which I was told would resume at 5.00 pm never did come back at that time. This too, is a fairy story that they advertise and tell us everytime without keeping their word. It finally did at about 5.45 pm after numerous calls, some unanswered and the remaining between the new Customer Relations Manager, Ms. Faith Njuguna (who was on her way back to Msa), and I. She is the one who managed to get the various people responsible to answer her phone calls.

But, does one have to resort to this every time there's an outage or fluctuation messing us up? What is the matter with KPLC?

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