Thursday, July 15, 2010

.....24th outage....

I'm a day late writing this. In fact, there would have been no need to do so, if it had not been for our 'Kenya Weakness & Darkness' which is the new name (they know about it), I've given of late to KPLC,, letting us down, again.

We, in the North Coast, had another outage at about 9.45 am yesterday and I would probably have been informed of it by my friend Mr. Musau, who usually does me this favour. But, this time he could not since a tree, according to him, fell on the power lines supplying us, without
due notice.

It seems that trees are really falling all over the place and one gets the impression that there are so many of them and they only choose to fall where power lines exist. This gives our KPLC unwarranted license to go around chopping off branches to such an extent that the only thing
left of the poor tree is it's trunk! They might as well chop off the whole thing as it affords no shade or anything and it becomes quite an eyesore.

Now, judging by the numbers of trees falling on our power lines, one gets the impression that reforestation is really getting into its own in Coast Province, while the opposite is the case. So, I don't understand KPLC's favourite excuse most times we have an outage. In fact, we don't
have enough trees! And yesterday, we did not even have torrential rains to justify this falling tree.

Are our trees having questionable root systems, too, like the foundations of our many concrete structures, due to which so many of them collapse?! Is there a solution to this? I mean, the trees falling so often and so that they don't choose to fall on power lines?

Fortunately, the outage, yesterday, lasted exactly 20 minutes just like Mr. Musau had promised me it would. But, this does not mean that we can accept that. It still messes us up.

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