Saturday, July 31, 2010

36th outage....

It is nearly exactly 24 hours since we last had outage number 36! That

is the power got back at 6.00 pm after it did a disappearing act without
an explanation at 5.00 pm.

Everybody whose numbers I have was unavailable except Ms Faith Njuguna.
Unfortunately, she couldn't give me a reason for the outage, either. I'm
still waiting.

Most of our outages in the North Coast area happen with no satisfactory
reason or explanation. I wonder why that is the case....?! KPLC is
taking it's customers for granted since they know that to be able to
live in the 21st Century, we desperately need their, in this case
(dis)services. Without this, we go back at least 2 centuries and all our
work disintegrates into chaos! Some even go out of business thanks to KPLC.

Considering we are trying to eradicate poverty, KPLCs erratic 'services'
don't help matters......, for their information.

So, are we EVER going to be given an apology and an explanation for
their shoddy services?

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