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Oh, thank God that something is being done, Insha'Allah, about your transformer problem - Alhamdulillah! Let's hope and pray that they keep their word and work fast.

Now, that leaves us guys in Nyali. I wonder IF that problem will EVER get solved. 

Their favourite statement when and IF you get them is for us to have patience. 

We've been trying to do this for YEARS now with no improvement and now reached a point where we have no patience left. 

God help us with such irresponsible 'service' providers.

On Mon, Mar 18, 2013 at 11:35 AM, Hussein A Abbas Al Hussein
Dear Hon Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir ,

Thanks for your quick respond and our sister Raziya Mohamedali who
has been having problems in their area at Nyali for many years now .
I hope something will be done in that area also .

Hon Abdulswamad , yes it falls under Mvita Constituency which you are
our MP Elect. We don't have any documents we had informed KPL Staff's
the problems we are facing in our area . Such problems off/on Power cut
every now and than they told us they have problem , shortage of Transformer
and have no place to install one in this area . So we provide them a place
and yes they did install one which sorry to say it takes now almost if not
wrong 2 years to fix it accordingly . 

Let me  take this opportunity now to thank Mr. Ben Chumo who took a very
quick action by sending email to Ms. Anne Siyamo to follow up the issue and
Ms Anne did respond and promise to follow up also.

So Hon Abduswamad , I suggest let us wait and see their respond within at
list 3 days if action will be taken . Inshallah we will come back to you .

Thanking all of you and we hope this problem to be solved soon .

Best Regards

Hussein Abbas
Mobile : 0720612905/0735036612
Mombasa , Kenya   

Subject: Re: NEW TRANSFORMER G49178 -11-630-04-10 LYING IDLE FOR OVER A YEAR
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2013 11:00:52 +0300
To: raziya

Could the person who was following this up kindly contact me with necessary documentation. If this case is in Old Town then I believe it falls under Mvita Constituency. Allow me to follow this issue with KPLC to get an amicable way forward. 

Abdullswamad Shariff Nassir

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On Mar 18, 2013, at 10:31 AM, Raziya Mohamedali wrote:

So, THIS is how our so-called power company 'works'. 

The residents of an area have got them everything that they supposedly require, but, NOTHING has been done to alleviate their suffering.

That 'new' transformer is heading to becoming 'old' and one wonders if it will even work when it is eventually, if at all, fixed. After all it's been lying around at the mercy of the elements all this time.

Do the powers that be know how this power company despite persistently increasing it's tariffs with no thought of the poverty in the country, wastes the tax-payers hard-earned cash by not fixing a transformer for nearly 2 years?!!!!

What kind of people populate this company? They seem to have no regard whatsoever for the damage they cause to life, limb and property for reasons best known to themselves.

I suspect, similar things are happening else where for example in Nyali. That is also why they never have a legitimate reason for our constant fluctuations and outages.

Shame on them!

On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 11:50 PM, Hussein A Abbas Al Hussein wrote:

Dear All ,

This is the reminder of my email dated 18th September 2012 concerning the New Transformer G49178-11-630-04-10 Still lying with wires but not connected . We have informed Emergency at Liwatoni but no action has been taken . This is why we are facing problems of power off/on .

Any one who can help us , the Poor Old Town Residence we are suffering and allot of our Electrical Goods are spoiled and KPL is not paying us .

Hussein Abbas

Mobile: 0720612905/0735036612
Mombasa , Kenya 

From: alhussein656
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2012 19:06:32 +0000

We at Old Town Residence (Makadara Ward) Mombasa, having problem
Of Power every now and then some times for over 24 hours and having
Old People and Children's in our Homes. When complaining to the
Mombasa In Charge they told us they have a New Transformer but they
Don't have a Plot to fix it so the Problem can be solve immediately and
We will not have any problem of Power.

So we went up and down and got a Plot where they fix the Transformer
As above subject information's. The area is Between Ndia Kuu Road and
Shariff Khitamy Road near Masjid Shikely. This Transformer have been
Lying there for over a year now without working or been fixed. That
Means the problem of Power in our area remain same on and off without
any warning .   

We will appreciate if , the in charge here in Mombasa will come and see
what is remaining so that the Transformer can start working. As soon as

Kindly look after this problem so we can have peace and good sleep.  


Hussein Abbas
Chairman OTTO
Mobile: 0720612905/0735036612
Mombasa , Kenya 

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