Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fluctuations & Outages

One wonders if there is EVER going to be an END to these two in Nyali.

Yesterday early morning like many days the power went off and this trend continued - on/off, on/off and after sunset it kept fluctuating every few minutes. Those of us who have sollatek devices to supposedly protect our various electric and electronic equipment kept having total outages till such time that the power stabilized.

Of course, this made the on/off interval even shorter.

This happened 5 times!!!

Then, since this morning it has gone at least 3 times and I understand more is yet to come....

The reason, to our satisfaction is NEVER given except for things like broken wires, a tree being the culprit, etc. All of these smack of being lies. Because, one wonders which and how many trees (they can't move around!), could there be. After all we have a deforestation problem in the country. Then about broken wires - this too, is a very tired and recycled excuse. 

I would like to ask Kenya Power (KPLC), why just North Coast and Nyali? And why don't they answer their phones? Maybe, because they are beginning to find their own 'tired' and untruthful excuses ridiculous....?

What are they up to? What is the REAL reason for these persistent, expensive and highly irritating fluctuations and outages.

They tell you to report outages on Twitter. How is someone supposed to do this when computers don't work without their power. Not everybody has phones that are capable of going online or want to punch on little keys to do this.

Will ANYTHING CHANGE now, with a new government and constitution in place?

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