Monday, March 18, 2013

Re: Fluctuations & Outages

Yes, I know what you mean. We, at the Coast, seem to be so entrenched in corruption that we keep (most of us, anyway), electing the same old recycled creeps.

And why?

First, because the majority of us are semi- or illiterate. This leads to the second reason....

Due to our literacy rate, we have a lot of poverty and unscrupulous 'leaders' can pay us as little as 200/- to 500/- to make us vote for them. 

We are so unprincipled and daft that we do not realize that we can (if we need the money so much), take these people's money, but, still vote for a good leader at the ballot box.

Re that 9555 number. I don't think it's for Mombasa. It works in Nairobi, ONLY (it seems). But, there too, it will lead your call to an answering machine which will keep telling you to hold on to be served. Since it costs us an arm and a leg to call (it's not toll-free), KPLC has little regard for it's customers' monetary conditions. 

This despite them having and keep on raising their tariffs every year if not more often. The amount they charge is inversely proportional to their 'services', don't you think?!

I also tweeted my email to KPLC via my blog. So, I wonder if they read their 'praises' via twitter. I hope so...


On Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 11:01 PM, Hussein A Abbas Al Hussein wrote:
Dear Raziya ,

This is what is happening here in Old Town since the day
of the elections
which provide others to take advantage
and to do what they want on the
election boxes etc .
Today we had off from 0900 am to 7pm .

I received on 01.03.2013 at 07:59:41am SMS from Kenya
Power stating as
follow :- Dear Customer , you can now
call Kenya Power on the number
95551 for emergency
services , power interruptions , billing , prepaid and
connection queries . The same day I call the nuumber not
working I received
answer , sorry we cannot complete the
call as dial please check the number
and try again .
I tried today at 10:45pm again same answer . So this is what
is KPL and they just increase the charges but still they cannot
provide the good services which we customer needs .

we don't have leaders here in the coast and all coming
are same and special now we are having same leaders coming
back . So we will never get any help or any good services from 
KPL no one after them . But will come a day that they will see
people on the streets and that time will know . 

Hussein Abbas
Secretary ,
Old Town
Development Community Service

Mobile : 0720612905/0735036612
P.O.Box 87952
Mombasa - 80100

From: rmohamedali
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 14:28:23 +0300
Subject: Fluctuations & Outages


One wonders if there is EVER going to be an END to these two in Nyali.

Yesterday early morning like many days the power went off and this trend continued - on/off, on/off and after sunset it kept fluctuating every few minutes. Those of us who have sollatek devices to supposedly protect our various electric and electronic equipment kept having total outages till such time that the power stabilized.

Of course, this made the on/off interval even shorter.

This happened 5 times!!!

Then, since this morning it has gone at least 3 times and I understand more is yet to come....

The reason, to our satisfaction is NEVER given except for things like broken wires, a tree being the culprit, etc. All of these smack of being lies. Because, one wonders which and how many trees (they can't move around!), could there be. After all we have a deforestation problem in the country. Then about broken wires - this too, is a very tired and recycled excuse. 

I would like to ask Kenya Power (KPLC), why just North Coast and Nyali? And why don't they answer their phones? Maybe, because they are beginning to find their own 'tired' and untruthful excuses ridiculous....?

What are they up to? What is the REAL reason for these persistent, expensive and highly irritating fluctuations and outages.

They tell you to report outages on Twitter. How is someone supposed to do this when computers don't work without their power. Not everybody has phones that are capable of going online or want to punch on little keys to do this.

Will ANYTHING CHANGE now, with a new government and constitution in place?

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