Monday, November 5, 2012

Beware, Kenya Power...!

We, who live in Nyali are becoming highly desensitized by this disgusting company and it's questionable employees who don't give a moment's thought to switching us off for no reason in particular (at least they don't deem us intelligent enough to understand their various problems), put us through a literal hell!

Not only don't they inform us of the almost daily outages and fluctuations, but, to add salt to a festering wound, they don't answer their phones, either.

Nearly 2 years ago, 3 of their employees attended our NCRRA (resident's assoc.), where they informed us that they were upgrading their systems and these nasty outages, etc., would in a few months time be a thing of the past.

They have been lying to us!!! Nothing of the sort seems to have transpired and business with KP(LC), is as usual. We continue to suffer from the most inhuman treatment at their hands.

Since last night, we've been having (of course, it's a daily occurrence), having continuous outages and fluctuations the whole night through and while it came back in the early hours of this morning, a few hours into daylight and it started fluctuating, again. This went on for about an hour or so and then it went off.

The only person who deemed it fit to answer his phone was the MD, Mr. Mkomba who seemed to be totally at sea regarding these outages.

All through the day, he wouldn't answer the vital questions I was putting to him about these constant outages and as I write this, I too am totally at sea (like him), regarding them.

Why are we having these outages and fluctuations and who will pay for the damage that they do to life, limb and equipment? Are we, as a country, nearly approaching our 50th year of so-called Independence?

Since we live in an age where we use electricity for our development, how are we EVER going to progress with questionable 'service' providers like Kenya Power (Weakness)?

One wonders if the people employed by this company are really qualified for the job. For now, and from the kind of job they seem to be doing, they sound like they are quite half baked and with no ethics or professionalism or accountability, either.

Or is there another explanation...? If so, what is it?

In fact, if Kenya Power is not careful in the way it treats it's consumers, these consumers might strike back..... since we are very FED UP of their shoddy 'service'!

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