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An Amazing Quranic Prophecy: When People are Brought Together, as if They are a Close Family!

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An Amazing Quranic Prophecy: When People are Brought Together, as if They are a Close Family!
Epigraph: "And when the she-camels, ten month pregnant, are abandoned, and when the beasts are gathered together (in Zoos), and when the seas are made to flow forth one into the other, and when people are brought together, as if they are a close family! ... And when publications are spread abroad." (Al Quran 81:5-11)

When people are brought together, as if they are a close family! (Al Quran 81:8)

One of the largest gathering of mankind is the annual Hajj, which this year gathered 3.5 to 4 million Muslims from different countries.  But, when we look at the cumulative human interaction on our planet these numbers only seem to be scratching the surface.  The Quranic prophecy of closeness of humanity and constant mutual interaction, in the Latter Days, as if they are a close family, is becoming increasingly true.  The word used for this expression in the Holy Quran is the same as for a marriage, implying a very close and constant interaction.  We first saw modern means of transportation like trains and aero planes and now there has been an exponential growth of websites, discussion forums and e-mail communications.
The global internet traffic increased from approximately 1 Petabytes (1000 Terabytes) in 2002 to 50,000 Petabytes in 2011 and continues to grow with a geometric scale.

Not to speak of 15 centuries ago, who would have thought even a century ago, when a majority of the British, would have met the present day definition of racist that in the first part of the 21st century the American and the British universities would be competing for Indian and Chinese students?  Colonialism was at its peak just before the WWII and it was said that sun never sets on the British Empire.  It was in this context that the celebrated WWII Prime Minister of UK, Sir Winston Churchill remarked, in a moment of arrogance, about Mahatama Gandhi, who was a popular Indian political leader, "Gandhi should be bound hand and foot at the gates of Delhi and trampled on by an enormous elephant ridden by the Viceroy."  It is also said that Churchill further added, "I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion."

I was inspired to write this short article by reading of Chinese students in USA and Indian students in UK.  CNN had the following to report on November 26th:

The U.S.-based institute's most recent figures reveal that mainland Chinese students increased 23% to more than 723,000 in the 2010-11 academic year.
While Chinese students traditionally went abroad when they failed to secure a place at a top-tier local university, the best students are now forgoing elite Chinese universities to study in the United States, according to Lin, now academic director of Ivy Labs Education, an admissions consultancy in Beijing.

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