Saturday, November 20, 2010

A/C No. 2399078-02 and unexplained outages....

The above account holder is my cousin who lives in Nairobi in the Parklands/Highridge area and they have been having constant outages, sometimes for over 24 hours! The last one was day before yesterday when the power went off for no reason in particular that they knew of, at about 7.00 am and they tried as always to call the various 'emergency' numbers that KPLC has given to the public, to no avail. Nobody was answering.

Ironically and probably due to my incessant emails regarding KPLC's countrywide incompetence, they sent me an SMS on the 15/11/2010 at just before 4.00 pm giving me the following emergency numbers to call or for making enquiries. This is what the KPLC SMS says.... 'Dear Customer, please reach KPLC Nairobi Call Centre on - 0711-031680, 0732-111680, 020-3201680 or 020-3644680 in case of any emergency and enquiries.'

As I do not permanently reside in Nairobi, I fwded this SMS to my cousin, mentioned above, who has constant irritating and days on end outages. Therefore, when they had their latest outage a couple of days ago, they tried calling all of the above numbers AND the ones that they already had, but, believe it or not, nobody was answering the above phone numbers, either!

Why? And did this mean that the SMS I got from KPLC was humbug? And this is not just the case in Nairobi. It would seem that KPLC displays its insolent behaviour countrywide with everybody.

The whole country seems to be in darkness half the time. So, how does one earn a decent living and is this kind of behaviour and attitude going to help in eradicating poverty? In fact, as far as I can see, it has just the opposite effect - by ruining all of our electric and electronic equipment and causing massive damage to it whose cost is unbelievably high.

So, is KPLC waiting for somebody out there with means to sue it for damages? And it's high time that they were made accountable for their shoddy and expensive 'services'.

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